Tumelong is the social outreach and development arm of the Diocese of Pretoria. It is managed by a governing body, which consists of the Bishop, who is the Chairperson, the Deputy Chairperson, the Archdeacons, the Secretary and Coordinator of the Friends of Tumelong, as well as the Director of Programmes.


It is run from an office attached to St Saviour’s Church in Pretoria West. Every parish has Tumelong representatives, known as the Friends of Tumelong (FOT) who meet at St Saviour’s four or five times a year. The St Francis FOTs who attend these meetings are Diana Higgs, Elizabeth Bojé, Jill Daugherty, Dora Semenya, Sarah McPhail and Kea Mataboge. The Church Council has recently appointed two of its members as Tumelong representatives: Rudi von Staden & Anthony Jongwe.


Tumelong has the following Vision and Mission:


Vision: We are committed to creating a healthy, sustainable society, free from HIV and Aids, and being developed towards eradicating poverty.


Mission: We aim to build a self-sustainable quality of life through the fostering of self-respect, self-discipline and learning among all, especially the young, needy and vulnerable, to overcome hunger, poverty and unemployment.


The Core Activities of Tumelong are:

- HIV and Aids Counselling and Testing (HCT)

- Care and Relief

- Early Childhood Development (ECD)

- Siyafundisa (Peer Education & Life Skills, Computer Training)

- Care of the Environment


Visit the Tumelong website to find out more: